Western Reporting Services, Inc.

Legal Videography

For those records of proceedings requiring memorialization of testimony, etc., in addition to transcript production of the spoken word, color videography is available. The transcript and video files may then be integrated with one another through videosynchronization, which process syncs the transcript text to the digital video recording. This additional interface facilitates counsel's search for keyword or phrase location within the video file.

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Foreign Language Interpreters

As a courtesy to our clients, Western Reporting will arrange for interpreters of the requisite language to participate in the deposition proceedings. The initial scheduling, along with any necessary rescheduling of an interpreter where a proceeding is re-calendared, is a complimentary service offered by Western Reporting, with the actual invoice for interpreter services rendered provided directly to ordering counsel by the interpreter.

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Conference Room Facilities

Our conference rooms are spaciously arranged to accommodate standard deposition proceedings as well as multi-party litigation.

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Nationwide Reporter Referral

As a complimentary courtesy to our clients, Western Reporting facilitates the coordination of court reporters across the country for litigation support services requested by our clients.