Western Reporting Services, Inc.

Career Opportunities

Court Reporters

Western Reporting Services, Inc., regularly accepts résumés of Nevada Certified Court Reporters for association with our company. Required is a reporting background well-versed in legal, technical, business and medical segments accompanied by full licensure under all applicable laws of the State of Nevada and a high degree of competency in state-of-the-art technology.

In-house Staff

Applicants interested in positions as they become available within our Production department are requested to submit their résumés via one of the contact forms below. Such production openings involve extensive data input and documentation, as well as varied clerical functions related to transcript processing. As with our Certified Court Reporters, additional requisites are consistent task-specific accuracy, dedicated attention to client requests and follow-up, accompanied by a sincere interest to work as a team.

Interested applicants may submit their résumé in one of the following forms.

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Attn:  Human Resources

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