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Thank you for scheduling your proceedings with Western Reporting. Please enter the * required fields * below and other information that will assist us with processing your requests. Should you wish to schedule proceedings which will occur in less than three (3) business days from today's date, please call our office for this time-sensitive scheduling so that your requests may be promptly attended to. All scheduled proceedings will be confirmed via telephone the business day immediately prior to the scheduled date. Your request of our services is sincerely appreciated.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: After submitting your request for a court reporter, you will receive an automatic confirmation that your request has been sent. Once our office has received your request and has scheduled it on our calendar, you will receive a personalized email from one of our staff or a telephone response. If, within one business day of your initial request, you do not receive a personal follow-up confirmation, please call our office immediately. Thank you for requesting our services. Your scheduling is sincerely appreciated.

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